Don King and the Church of the Nativity

What do Don King and the Church of the Nativity have in common? King has promoted some of the biggest fights in the history of professional boxing, and the Church of the Nativity has become the site of some recent sparring.

The Church of the Nativity is built over the traditional site of Jesus’ birth in the city of Bethlehem. Because of its location, three Christian denominations consider it to be holy ground. Long simmering tensions between the Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Armenian clergy led to unholy war on Wednesday of this week.

Each group is responsible for cleaning a specific area of the church, and two of the three groups were cleaning in preparation for January 6 celebrations—the day they believe Jesus was born. To clean a part of the church is to lay claim to that part of the structure.

Well, a border war broke out when the Armenians and theGreeks focused on dirt that was beyond their boundaries. Disputes such as this have left the roof in disrepair and the leaky roof has led to the ruin of valuable pieces of art.

Relationships are strained and border wars erupt when a person violates the rights of another. Why is it that we want to focus on the dirt in the life of another and not address the scum within our own? Do we think that shining the light on the misdeeds of others is the best was to keep ours hidden in the shadows?

Perhaps the caretakers of the manger’s scene should give some thought to the manger’s Savior. Jesus said: Instead of focusing on the toothpick in your brother’s eye, you should take a look at the 2X4 in your own eye.

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