Gaga Gags Me

It was about a month after the start of the New Year in 1964 that the Beatles made their first live TV performance on the Ed Sullivan Show (See the video here). I was 1 of the 73 million people who sat in front of the TV to see what would become a watershed moment within the music industry.  In stark contrast to Gaga, who seems to be a Lady only in name, there was nothing vulgar about the Beatles performance on the night of February 9, 1964. There is no way I could have sung the lyrics to a Gaga song when I was a kid. I mean, the Christmas release of one of her songs was filled with the F bomb, and language like that got me sent to the bathroom so often, I could tell you what brand of soap was in my mouth just by the taste of it.

Eight years before the Beatles made their appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, 60 million people gathered in the comfort of their living rooms to watch Elvis Presley (See the video here). There was a whole lot of shaking going on that evening, but it was nothing compared to what gags me about Gaga.

In the 55 or so years from the Ed Sullivan to now, what has happened to our sense of decency? I’m not suggesting that Elvis or the Beatles were ever a beacon of morality, but we have digressed since their first performances. What’s the diference?  Some would say it is the laws of our nation.

I don’t believe the answer can be found in the formation of new laws, but in the forgotten customs and traditions that need to be remembered. It was President John Adams who said: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Adams, Franklin and others seemed to believe there is a connection to the principles of the Ten Commandments and the path a nation follows. It is a path that our rights without responsibilities culture wants to avoid. Because today’s society is deaf to the constraints of Thou shalt not, behavior is unrestrained.

When Solomon encouraged his people to keep the “ancient landmarks” intact, I believe he was speaking about their customs and traditions as well physical structures. Customs and traditions are landmarks that help to regulate an individual and a nation much like a computer chip regulates the speed of a car–no chip means no limits.
A society that is void of customs and traditions is a society that lacks civility. You may call me an old fuddy duddy, but Lady Gaga gags me.

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