Aesop’s Fables

Many of my Summer days were spent at El Dorado Lake fishing or at Bluestem Lake water skiing.  There were those days, however, when Mother Nature did not cooperate, and I was forced to spend the day inside.

On those long dreary days, card games were played, and even Rock, Paper, Scissors was used to occupy my time.  On one particularly boring day, my creative geniuse gave birth to a new game: Pants, Fist, Cement.  Even though it was a game of my making,  I only played it once.

To play Pants, Fist, Cement, the participant needs just a few things:

  • Big feet
  • A less than slim body
  • A pair of super slim jeans
  • A cement wall

The game starts when a less-than-slim-bodied kid with bigger-than-average-feet endeavors to stick his feet through the small leg hole of the super slim jeans.  When the big feet will not go through the small hole, the brilliant teenager hops madly to a basement wall.  When the frustrated and now deranged kid arrives at the wall, he slams his fist against the cement. 

There you have it:  Pants, Fist, Cement.  The lesson learned was as good as any that you can find in the pages of Aesop’s Fables:  Hardened cement wall trumps fist and super slim jeans put the squeeze on big feet.  In retrospect, it would have been better to break a fashion trend instead of my hand.

Solomon was right:  A quick tempered man acts foolishly.

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