The Unseen Herald

unseenForgiveness is not a word that we often associate with Christmas; however, it was the unseen herald that attended the birth of Jesus.  When a joyful Mary laid her innocent child in the hay-lined crib, I imagine His impending death was beyond her imagination.

That was, however, the very reason Jesus was born:  It was to die, so we could find forgiveness in Him.  Real forgiveness is God pardoning the unpardonable, and for forgiveness to be appropriated, sinful man must believe the almost unbelievable.

I can believe that I might give my life to save another person, but I cannot fathom the possibility of me giving the life of one of my children for the benefit of another.

And, it is because God gave His son, that we have the gift of Christmas—hope.  At those times when things seem so hopeless, the eternal gift of God is ours to claim.

After all the packages have been opened on Christmas morning, the wrapping paper has been trashed, and the batteries in the new toys have lost their charge, the hope of Christmas will still reign supreme.

I encourage to take some time to consider God’s gift, and to embrace the hope of Christmas we find in the person of Jesus.

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