The Musing of Mary

MaryDidYouKnowHave you ever given more than a single thought to the many thoughts of Mary? I do, when I read an interesting verse in Luke 2. It causes me to wonder: “Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart.”

When Mary pondered the message of the angels, and the words of the shepherds, was there really anyway she could fully comprehend the meaning of that first Christmas? When she looked into the eyes of her innocent son, could she mentally grasp that she would emotionally gasp 30 years later when he took on
the sin of the world?

How could she know that the son created in her womb would have such miraculous power over creation? When he changed the water into wine at the marriage supper in Cana, was this an ”Aha moment” for her?

What did she think when she realized her son had a leg up on the religious charlatans of the day and healed the legs of a crippled man?

When Mary saw a crowd of hungry faces suddenly satisfied by a sack lunch that was multiplied 5,000 times, did she realize that her son would also satisfy the spiritual hunger of the world?

When her son of a carpenter was dying an excruciating death on a wooden cross, did her anguish confound her comprehension of God’s ultimate plan?

How fast did her heart beat when she heard that her three-days-dead son had removed his grave clothes, rolled away a massive stone, run off a squad of soldiers, and became the resurrection and life to all who would believe?

There are some things that I ponder in my heart:
• How could Jesus understand everything, but be misunderstood by most everyone?
• Who was his best childhood friend? Could it have been a boy named Judas?
• What did he and his cousin John (later called the Baptist) talk about?
• Did his brothers and sisters see him as unique or annoyingly odd?

What thoughts fill your mind during the season of Christ’s birth? Some thoughts are worth thinking and some songs worth singing. I’ve included a couple of them here:
Mary Did You Know
Do You Hear What I Hear?

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