Green Beanology

Like many of you, I worked outside this past weekend, and one of my tasks was my garden spot. As I planted my green beans, I remembered one of the supper table rules. My parents would say: “Eat a little bit every time and you’ll learn to like it.” Even though the rule was good in theory, Buster, my brother, never learned to like green beans. It was a sure bet that Buster would gag at the sight of a green bean on his plate.

Whenever I work in my garden, I’m reminded of certain words and phrases in the Bible; words like: sowing and reaping, grafting, pruning, and bearing fruit.

I wonder how these words apply to the Garden of Life and the opportunity to plant the seeds of kindness in the lives of others. To raise a good crop from these seeds, I should cultivate the garden with a smile; support it with a prayer; nurture it with acts of grace; and when necessary, mend it with mercy.

The prophet Jeremiah spoke of harvest time when he wrote: “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved!”

When harvest time comes, will your garden be barren or fruitful?

Think About It!

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