I heard my cell phone start talking to me about 4:40 this morning.  When it is on the charger and there is a power interruption, it emits a series of quick beeps.

I’m an early riser anyway and once I’m awake I rarely go back to sleep.  I gathered my clothes and went to the kitchen for my first cup of coffee, and . . . that’s right—no electricity—no coffee.

As I sit in the dark and write I am in a state of forced solitude.  I have used my cell phone to read a devotional, and I have offered up a prayer.  I have also come to a conclusion:  I am ill-prepared for a life without my expected conveniences.

No electricity means no internet, no TV, and woe is me—NO COFFEE!  At least my laptop has a good charge.

The truth is, solitude is what is lacking in most of our lives.  This quiet environment should be the rule of life instead of the exception that is forced upon us by Mother Nature.

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