Fresh Blessings

While driving through Wichita one day this week, I noticed several different businesses that were psychic in nature.  As I thought of their sham services, I thought about God’s offer to His children.  He has promised a lamp for our feet and a light for our path, but he has never promised a crystal ball to see our future (Psalm 119:105). 

The clear principle of Psalm 23 is that He leads and we are to follow.  He will always lead us in a path of righteousness, but never into a field of sin.   The direction He takes us will always be beneficial for our growth and spiritual development.

Another aspect of this principle is that we are to trust him for each day.  There are times, however, when we make the same mistake the Israelites made in their wilderness wanderings.  We want to stockpile the blessings of today, so we can smile our way through tomorrow.

God gave the Israelites the daily blessing of new manna.  Fearing this would not be sufficient to meet their needs, they wanted to gather more than their daily provision.  Wanting them to trust Him for each day and to live by faith, God caused the extra manna to spoil.

When we start to worry about our future needs, we need to remember the care of the Shepherd for His sheep.   God fully comprehends our needs for tomorrow, and He has a fresh blessing waiting for us.

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