Giving Sight to the Blind

A few months ago Patrick Greene, an atheist, had planned to file a law suit.  Greene was disturbed by a nativity scene on the lawn at the Henderson County Courthouse in Texas.

Greene decided to not sue after he discovered he was going blind.  Through the problem with his eyesight, he discovered something else.  Greene was befriended by the Christians he had been opposing.

Greene told the Christian Post:  “No Christian has ever acted this way in the entire time we’ve been married.  These are the first actual Christians we’ve ever met in our lives.”

I would imagine that Mr. Greene has been exposed to the words of Christianity several times in his life.  This is truly a case where actions have spoken louder than words.

This incident reminds me of the words of the Apostle John:  Let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth.  

I hope this thought keeps you thinking.

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