The Power of Faith

There are many places in the Bible where the subject of faith is discussed.  A few of these places speak of the need to have childlike faith.

This kind of faith is seen in the eyes of a child who believes in the power of his father.  When the child is tossed into the air, he trusts in his father’s strength to catch him.

How strong is your faith?  What do you see when the storms of life come your way?  Do you see insurmountable problems, or Noah’s rainbow?

When you find yourself in a den of despair, do you feel like you are about to be eaten by lions or does your eye of faith see Daniel’s angel?

Even though there were lapses in the life of Abraham, his life for the most part was one faith experience after another.  The pivotal moment came when God asked him to sacrifice his son Isaac.  As he was starting the trip up the mountain, he instructed his servants to stay behind, and said:  The lad and I will go yonder to worship, and we shall return.

Did you notice the pronoun?  Abraham used the plural pronoun we which indicates the presence of faith.  He didn’t how God would accomplish it, but he believed Isaac was the promised child and would somehow live on.

Then, there is the Apostle Paul who  lived a power-packed life that was faith-based.  He said:  I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day.  Notice 5 things in Paul’s statement: In connection to himself, Paul used the words,  know, believed, persuaded, and committed.  In rgard to to the role of God, Paul said:  He is able to keep.

The essence of Paul’s statement is this–He knew the secret of abiding in Jesus (John 15).  When you abide in Him, you can confide in this:  He is able and He will keep you.

I hope this  thought is enough to keep you thinking.

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