The Fortunate Few

I consider myself to be among the fortunate few.  This self-categorization is due to the fact that I have been blessed with two good dads.

After my father, Eddie Seymour, died a tragic and untimely death in 1965, my mother remarried; and, Bob Saferite, the man I affectionately call “Pop” became dad #2.  Even though he died in 2009, I remember him on this 27th day of December, the day of his birth.

The article below is an excerpt from a post I made in 2011.

Dateline  21 August,1944:  Second Lieutenant Robert L. Saferite….  shot down over France….captured by enemy forces…. fullsizerender

After completing 38 missions and 100 combat hours  flying a P 47, Pop was shot down, captured,and force marched to Germany.  On the way to the German POW camp known as Stalagluf #1 his feet froze.  He spoke very little of the hardships he endured as a POW.  On May 1, 1945, he and fellow POWs were liberated by the Russians.

Pop always had a strong love for flying, and on his 80th birthday, the members of S Troop (the blended Saferite and Seymour clan) pooled their money and bought him some flight time in a T-6 Texan.  Pop hadn’t lost his touch as a pilot, and when he took the controls of the plane he did a few loops and rolls..

I’ve been fortunate, in that,  I learned some valuable lessons from both of my dads.  My father told me more than once, that: Any job worth doing is worth doing right.  And, Pop would remind me: A man is only as good as his word.

As I think about Pop today, I do so with a great deal of love and gratitude, and I say: I still feel the touch of the pilot who guided me for the larger portion of my life.

Happy birthday!




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