GPS: God’s Promises are Sure

The end of 2014 was accompanied with the sad news of the crash of AirAsia Flight QZ8501 and the tragic loss of the 162 passengers on board.  Earlier in the year, Malaysia Airlines reported the disappearance of MH370 when it veered off course and vanished en route to Beijing.

Without any arm twisting, First Air, a Canadian airliner, has taken steps to calm the fears of their passengers.  Because the airline flies across some of the most barren and remote areas on the continent, First Air has beefed-up their technology.

Realizing their flight patterns often place their jets beyond the reach of conventional radar, they have added about 6 pounds to the weight of their aircraft.  This additional weight comes in the form of a tracking system about the size of a hotel safe that efficiently acquires the whereabouts of the plane in almost any situation.

This new technology lies dormant until activated by a sudden change from normal operating procedures.  The tracking system is activated if the flight encounters a sudden loss of altitude, an engine malfunction or if there is a dramatic change in the pitch of the place causing it to veer sharply off path.

When any of this occurs, the FLYHTStream™ system begins transmitting data to the ground, via satellite. Along with performance data, the system provides the information such as speed, altitude and coordinates that are used by search-and-rescue teams.

The tracking prowess of the FLYHTStream™ reminds me that we are never lost to our Sovereign God.  We may not always understand the mind of God, but we are never far from His thoughts.  Psalm 139 is proof of God’s providence and the  power of His promises:  “You carefully observe me when I travel or when I lie down to rest; you are aware of everything I do (Ps.139:3).”

Even in times of uncertainty, God’s promises are sure.

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