The Goats of Christmas

Lamb of God, Bread of LifeI’ve always had a strong affection for books.  Even when I was a child, I would ride my bicycle the dozen or so blocks to the library several times a week.  It is this affinity for books that lured me into Barnes and Noble yesterday.

As I elbowed my way through the throng of seasonal shoppers, I wondered:

  • How many of these people revere the holiday but never adhere to the Savior?
  • How many serenade the season, but never offer an accolade to the Almighty?
  • Has the citadel of Christmas moved from the manger to the mall?

Celebrating Christmas without Jesus is like going to the goat’s house for wool—you might have the semblance, but you’ll never have the warmth.

One thought on “The Goats of Christmas

  1. Yeah – right on. Danny and I went to completely secular Christmas program put on by 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. Broke my heart – I had to do something. I wrote a note to the music teacher telling what a good job she’d done, the kids were obviously enjoying it – but for the many Christians who were in the audience, would it have hurt to end with Silent Night or any carol? Note probably won’t do any good – but knew I had to try.

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