More Music and Less Static

835917577_1387023807The popularity of AM radio took a serious hit with the advent of satellite radio. The clarity of the broadcast and the infrequent commercials on satellite radio has made the AM frequency less popular.

There are times that I still listen to AM radio, knowing all the while that the music will be accompanied with static. I’ve learned to tune out the noise of the static, so I can hear the beauty of the music.

Isn’t the same true with our conversation? Our words can either be the calming sound of music or just annoying static. While no one thing is the panacea for a cacophonic and static-filled life, a symphony of joy is heard in the euphonious notes of Paul (Romans 12):
• Let us have no imitation Christian love. Let us have a genuine break with evil and a real devotion to good.
• Let us have real warm affection for one another as between brothers, and a willingness to let the other man have the credit.
• Let us not allow slackness to spoil our work and let us keep the fires of the spirit burning, as we do our work for God.
• Let us share the happiness of those who are happy, and the sorrow of those who are sad.
• Let us live in harmony with each other.

To be in tune with the “let us” statements of Paul, your life needs to resonate with an AM—Jesus the great I AM: “I am the Vine, you are the branches. When you’re joined with me and I with you, the relation is intimate and organic, and the harvest is sure to be abundant (John 15 ~The Message).”

“Intimate, organic, and abundant” is a “let us” life of music that is sure to sooth the soul.

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