Clueless or Less Clues

cloudPeople speak about “not having a clue” and “being clueless,” and they often have no idea about the origin of the word “clue.”

A quick look at Greek mythology will clue you in to the meaning of the word. When Theseus entered the Labyrinth to kill the, half-man, half-bull, Minotaur he unraveled a ball of string behind him, so he could find his way back. This ball of string was called a “clew.”

Sometime around the mid-1500s the spelling of “clew” was changed to clue and was used in reference to a fact or idea that could help solve a riddle, a task, or a problem

Since I don’t want you to be clueless about your relationship with Jesus let me share a clue or two with you:
• John 13:34-35 says that when we love as Jesus loved we are identified with Him.
• Find your way to John 14:6 and you will discover the clue to finding God.
• Read Matthew 7:7-8 and you will see the clue to prayer is in the acronym A.S.K.
• If you have a hunger that cannot be satisfied, the secret to a fulfilling diet is found in John 6:35.

Ravi Zacharias believes “true worship” is a clue to your relationship with God: “Man is by nature a religious entity. He finds objects or persons to worship and will ultimately reflect that object. It is for this reason that authentic worship is pivotal for the Christian’s life. True worship pulls together my conscience, heart, mind, imagination, and will. When these coalesce in unified expression, life finds its meaning.”

When your life is examined by your family and friends, and it will be, do they see a clue that points to Jesus, or do you leave them clueless? Alister McGrath has said that “Within each of us exists the image of God, however disfigured and corrupted by sin it may presently be. God is able to recover this image through grace as we are conformed to Christ.”

“the image of God in us”—a remarkable clue to everything I just said.

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