Is Your Bottom Right Side Up?

happy-coffee-92313-436Keurig—if you’re not familiar with the word, you may think I’ve started speaking a foreign language. If, however, you recognize the word, you know it’s a handy device for quickly making a fine tasting cup of coffee.

Even though I rarely have any problems with my coffee maker, I do have an “oops” moment from time to time. Because I had one such moment yesterday, I’ll share a tip with you: Make sure your coffee cup is right side up when you place it under the spout of the coffee maker.

If you place the coffee cup under the spout upside down you end up with a rather large mess—coffee everywhere except in the cup. When the cup is inverted it’s impossible to fill it with freshly brewed coffee. You can smell the tantalizing aroma of your favorite blend; however, you there’s no tasting what you’re craving.

A person’s life can, at times, be a mess because he is out of position with God. The blessing is present and ready for you to receive, but you are upside down in your relationship with God.

To get your life headed in the right direction, listen to the words of the Psalmist: “The Lord is good and upright; therefore He shows sinners the way. He leads the humble in what is right and teaches them His way. All the Lord’s ways show faithful love and truth to those who keep His covenant and decrees (Ps. 25:8-10)”

Commit yourself to keeping “his covenants and decrees,” and you’ll be at the right place at the right time to drink from the fountain of His “faithful love and truth.”

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