Crossing Over–A Deathbed Experience

heavenIs Heaven just a fictional place? Are you crazy to believe you might go there when you die? Is there any evidence that Heaven is for real?

Questions like these come to mind when you watch the movie To Heaven and Back. It is the story of the life and death experience of three year old Colton Burpo. This incident has strengthened the faith of believers and ruffled the feathers of skeptics. Apart from the Bible and the experience of Colton, how can you know if heaven is for real?

Even if I had never read a page in the Bible, I would believe in Heaven, and this isn’t wishful thinking—I believe because of an experience with an uncle.

In the last weeks of my Uncle Kenneth’s life, I was at his bedside almost daily. I was able to reminisce with my dad’s oldest brother, and saw him drift in and out and up and down through different levels of consciousness.

I remember one particular day when Kenneth had drifted out and was very restless, and then he became very calm, and said: “There’s Mom and Dad!” When his focus returned to the room, we spoke of his parents—my grandparents.

The restlessness returned, and I whispered, “What’s wrong Kenneth?” He said, “I can’t find Clara Mae (his wife).” Then he was gone again and his face soon lit up with a smile as he said, “Well there’s Eddie.” His eyes then focused on me and with a smile he said, “I saw Eddie—your dad.”

“Uncle Kenneth,” I said, “Do me a favor. When you cross on over to Heaven, tell Dad hi for me. I haven’t seen him since 1965, and I still miss him.” He smiled and drifted back out saying, “I’ll do that.”

Kenneth closed his eyes and became calmer than I had seen him for weeks. He took a deep breath and said, “There she is—there’s Clara Mae!” I stayed quietly by his bedside, not wanting to interrupt this wonderful reunion with his wife.

A few minutes later, my uncle returned to the room and we discussed what he had just seen. We prayed and I left a minute later. Not long after he found his wife, Kenneth died, and went to be with her, his parents, and my dad.

Is Heaven provable with hard science? Nope! Is it for real? I have no doubt that it is, and what I experienced with my Uncle Kenneth and multiple other people on their death beds is enough confirmation for me.

If you’ve never read the book or seen the movie detailing the experience of Colton Burpo, you can watch an interview here.

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