Your Moment in Time

Moment_In_Time-150x150What started as a normal day soon turned tragic. The flash of light that reflected off the steel blade was the first sign that something was wrong, and the feel of warm blood as it flowed down his cheek was confirmation of his fears. He was maimed and disfigured for life.

The pain lasted for the briefest of moments and the bleeding stopped almost immediately. He was amazed as his hand felt the side of his head. The ear that had been cut off had reappeared just as quickly as it had disappeared.

His moment of agony lasted for just the second it took for the miracle to occur. The actions of Jesus were stitched in threads of vibrant mercy and Malchus stood dumbstruck as he considered the amazing grace he had just experienced.

Jesus knew He was about to be arrested and crucified, but He was still concerned for the needs of others—even those who intended to do Him harm. What Jesus did for Malchus (Luke 24) was principle put to practice. It was a turn the other cheek, forgive them 70 times 7, give them the coat off your back, walk the extra mile; and give a drink of water to the thirsty, moment.

What you do to alleviate the pain of others, reveals the true you. Who are you?

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