A Hapless Hare or the Hope of Easter

easter_110002101-012814-intThe spring has come unwound in San Diego. Like a Slinky that can only go in a downward fashion, San Diego County parks has reached a new low as they bury historic traditions. County Parks Director Brian Albright, has kicked the Easter Bunny on his keister.

In a quest for cultural diversity, at the expen$e of historic authenticity, the Easter Egg Hunt has been renamed the Spring Egg Hunt. According to Michael Workman, county communications director, this is just the “Sign of the times,” and “the prudent course of action. Our goal has always been to include all in the communities we serve.”

It may be the “sign of the times,” but I for one think it is a rather sad sight. Call me “old, stubborn, hard-headed,” or whatever you like, but I’m tired of the subtle attack on cherished traditions. Changing Easter Bunny to Spring Bunny and Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays is more than mere semantics. It is a subtle and purposeful attempt to strip away the Christian distinctive that’s clothed our nation for centuries.

You may think I’m splitting hairs over this rabbit, but it is important that you understand how a change in terminology cleverly influences emotional response.

• People don’t worry too much about a jungle or a swamp, but call them rainforests and wetlands and see the excitement grow.
• Most everyone is concerned about the welfare of a baby, but label it a fetus and there is a more detached response.

Take away the hope of Easter and all that’s left is a hapless hare. What about Christmas? Happy holidays is nothing more than debt-ridden consumerism, while Merry Christmas remembers that Jesus IS the reason for the season.

Gene Autry had it right when he sang of Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail—“Easter’s is on its way.”

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