Today is Your Day

wheatThe cats are still quiet; Hank is curled up and silent in his kennel; and, I’m sipping a cup of my favorite coffee—Three Continent Blend.

The hush of God is still upon His creation, but at the first hint of light, the birds will lift their voice with song to beckon the sun. The quiet calm of the dawn will be interrupted by the harsh noise of digital alarms and roaring engines as people get revved up for another day jam packed with choices.

Among the many decisions and deadlines you will face, you have the opportunity to choose to love or to hate; to embrace justice or exact injustice; or, to look down on others in judgment or to lift them up with grace and mercy. The choice is yours to make.

The Psalmist said, “This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice in it and be glad.” God made you for this day and this day for you. Make it a day to be calm, caring, and kind. Use it for His glory, and for the betterment of His creation.

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