Solving Life’s Equations

addsup“They see, but they’re blind. They hear, but they don’t listen.” These are the paraphrased words of Jesus in Matthew 13.

While there are some people who simply cannot see and understand, because they lack insight, there are others who seem to see and comprehend because of foresight. For some people, life is an unsolvable equation, for others life is as easy as 1+1=2.

Here’s an example of what I mean: The total cost of a bat and a ball is $ 1.10. The cost of the bat is $ 1.00 more than the ball. How much does the ball cost? What’s your first response? There’s a good chance that your first thought is the ball must cost 10 cents. Look at the question again: The bat costs $ 1.00 more than the ball, so the bat must cost $ 1.05, and the ball costs 5 cents.

When I think of this little exercise, I think of what Jesus said: There are too many people who see with a blind eye and listen with a deaf ear.

Faith has nothing in common with eyes that don’t see and ears that don’t hear. Faith sees what the eye can’t see, and it hears what the ear can’t hear. The blind eye sees the prowling lion, while the eye of faith see Daniel’s angel.

Faith allows us to see beyond the sunset of the ordinary and it enables us to grasp the sunrise of the extraordinary (Hebrews 11):
• By faith Abel offered a more excellent sacrifice
• By faith Noah built the ark
• By faith kingdoms were conquered and the mouths of lions were stopped9

Noah and Daniel were not blind—they saw what others didn’t see, and they heard what others refused to hear. Many of their contemporaries saw life as a ridiculous riddle, but for them the answer was simple: Trust the unknown future to the all-knowing God.

Trusting God in this fashion makes more than a nickel’s worth of difference, it’s the difference between sound and silence, night and day, and life and death.

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