Our Neighbors to the North

When Paul wrote to the Christians at Thessalonica, he told them to pray without ceasing.  I have felt that Paul was speaking about an attitude of pray in contrast to actual prayer.  Obviously, it would be difficult to literally pray without ceasing.

Ed Stetzer has reported some interesting findings about Canadian Christians and their prayer lives:

Among 1,068 Canadian adults who go to church at least once a month:

  • 29% say they set aside time daily to pray.
  • 22% say they pray at a set time a few times a week.
  • 18% say they rarely or never set aside time for prayer.
  • 55% say they pray at the spur of the moment throughout the day.

I guess the real question to consider is this:  Am I more apt to cease without praying or to pray without ceasing?

I encourage you to read Stetzer’s article, New Research: Survey Says Spiritual Maturity comes Through Intentionality.

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