What is $981

FOHOTC03When it comes to my morning coffee I usually drink my first cup of Folgers at about 5 AM. I’ve never drank a latte or a cappuccino, and I probably never will.

For all the Starbucks stylized hype about coffee, there isn’t much of a difference between latte and cappuccino. Café Latte is Italian and translates into “coffee with milk.” Since my taste buds reject any hint of milk, cream, or sweetener, I’ll keep mine simple—just black.

I read that the average price of a Starbucks latte starts about $3.50. That is about 6 times more than what I pay for my simple cup of black coffee at McDonalds—thank you Sr. Discount!

In round numbers, we’re talking the difference between $1200 and $219 which is $981. What is $981? Let me show you the power of $981. It is:
3,000 meals for starving children
9 goats and 18 chickens to help nourish a village
• A great way to start to address the water and hygiene needs of the 783 million people who lack access to safe water.

What can we do to change lives here at home and around the world? If we give up the price of a cup of coffee for a week, month, or year, are we sacrificing? What kind of an impact could we make if we gave up the price of a coke, a birthday gift, a dip of ice cream, or a cable TV channel?

What is $981? It is you and it is me. What are we willing to do to make a difference?

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