The Stars At Night

filepicker_3cPDRdILRKezbUIF1Gss_shooting_starsI’ve been told that the English language can be difficult to comprehend due to the multiple definitions a single word can have.

As an example, think of the word “light.” It can be used in many different ways:
• The speaker shed some light on the subject.
• Her suitcase was heavy, and she wanted to lighten her load.
• He turned on the light switch, so he could see.

Light can also:
• Bring comfort when a person is frightened
• Be discomforting when it reveals a secret
• Guide us or help to give direction: Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path (Ps 119:105).

I remember a conversation I had with Richard Gregory concerning his time in the navy. When the ship was sailing under a “lights out order,” an officer would summons Richard to the deck. Richard could look at the stars at night and tell the officer what time it was.

Richard could do this because he was a student of astronomy, and he had memorized four important landmarks in the night sky:
• The 0-hour circle
• The 6-hour circle
• The 12-hour circle
• The 18 hour circle

Richard’s ability to comprehend the night sky was a benefit to his shipmates. It not only told them the hour of the night, but it also helped to guide the ship.

In I John 2:5, John used a word that is meaningful to our discussion: “Whoever keeps His word, truly in him the love of God is perfected.” The word “keeps” was a nautical term. Sailors in John’s day, would speak of “keeping the stars,” or charting their course at night by the stars.

In the verse above, John says the same thing that the Psalmist said: We need to follow the principles of God’s Word and let it direct the path we walk.

Think about it: You can lighten your load and brighten your path by following God’s love letter to you.

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