The Frustration of Forgetfulness

How many of you guys have been in the tool shed or garage and laid a tool down and couldn’t find it again?  Ever gone to the grocery store and forgot the shopping list and you are clueless as you walk the aisle of the store?  During the commercial break have you gone to the kitchen for something but forgot what it was you were after?   How about this one:  Man I can remember that face but not her name.

I know I am not alone in my memory deficiencies.  I know some people who make notes in their cell phones.  I know others who have tied a string around their finger or used a band aid.

I have tried many different techniques to improve my memory, but there is a common weakness to each of these:  I have to remember something to make it work!

One thing that we should remember is that God never forgets.  The prophet Isaiah (49:16) recorded the words of God:  I have written your name on my hand. 

Fast forward to 33 A.D. and the hand of God is nailed to the cross.  Why?  Because the name of His children are also written on His heart.  That is is something worth remembering.

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