Jigsaw Puzzles

Most all of us have had the experience of putting the pieces of a puzzle together.  It may have been a simple puzzle as a child or a more difficult jigsaw puzzle as an adolescent or an adult.

Dumping the contents of a box on a table and then trying to piece it together, may be a form of entertainment that you do not enjoy.  It is, however, one of life’s realities:  Puzzling situations and circumstances are a part of life.

Puzzles come in the form of trying to balance a budget, repair a car, raise a child, or they can be in the form of emotional, ethical, or moral dilemmas.  Regardless of the situation, there are times that we are as frustrated as “all the king’s men” because we can’t put the pieces of our Humpty Dumpty life-like-puzzle “together again.”

David had the task of solving several puzzles during his lifetime.  One of the keys to doing this was the realization that God was walking with him.  When David walked in step with the Good Shepherd he saw the solutions more clearly.  Those times when he was out of step with God, he found life to be more painful and more puzzling.

In Psalm 23, David said:  “You are with me.”  This reassuring promise is found throughout the Bible:

Will you have hard times and heartaches?  Certainly!  Will there be times that are perplexing and puzzling?  Most definitely!  Will you have to walk these paths alone?  Absolutely not!

Remember, David said that God will be with us.  If you find yourself struggling with some puzzle, I encourage you to let the Light of the world shine in the dark moments of your life.

I encourage you think of the presence of God as you listen to the song  God Be With You .

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