Evolving or Flip-Flopping

I find the language of the media and politicians to be interesting.  They carefully select a specific word or phrase and use it like an artist to paint a glowing picture of either the issue or the the person they are promoting.

I recently read an article that praised an individual for the wonderful way his position had “evolved.”  Later in the article the writer lambasted another person for “flip-flopping.”  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think both of the individuals in the article had simply changed their minds on an issue.

My concern is not so much about how we evolve or flip-flop, but more on what we become.  The teaching of Paul is clear on this matter.  In Colossians chapter 3, Paul lists the necessary steps we are to take, so we can become more like Christ.

1.  Set your heart on Christ

2.  Set your mind on the things above

3.  Put to death immorality

4.  Put off the old man

5.  Put on the new man

6.  Put on love

7.  Let the peace of God rule in your hearts

I encourage to get your bible out and read this passage of Scripture or click here to read it.  There is more than one thought in this passage too keep yoou thinking.

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