Who Will It Be?

I usually have the TV on of a morning while I’m getting ready for work.  Wednesday morning a story was aired about the Kauffman Foundation and the ad they will run during the Super Bowl.

The question they ask is one of motivation:  Will it be you?  The ad and the related material they plan to make available is designed to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit among our aspiring youth.

As I thought about the challenge of the Kauffman Foundation, I thought of two people from history who get little mention.  The first is William Booth the founder of the Salvation Army, and the second is Clara Barton who founded the Red Cross.  Both of these individuals saw a need and they stepped up and stepped out to make a difference in the lives of the suffering.

When I think of the legacy of Booth and Barton, I ask the question:  Who will it Be?  Who will be the next person to step up with a new program to alleviate suffering?

Hundreds of years before Christ was born, the prophet Isaiah recorded a message in the form of a question:  I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”   Isaiah did not let the question die as a weakening echo.  He captured the essence of the plea, and He responded:  Here am I, send me.

That question has been asked in one form or another for many centuries.  Jesus restated it in the form of a mandate to His disciples.  We are told that when He saw the people as sheep having no shepherd.  He instructed the disciples to pray for more workers in the harvest.

The question of the Kauffman Foundation is a thought worth thinking–Will it be you?  Will you be the next person to take a risk for the benefit of others?  Will you be the one who will help shepherd the sheep. 

If you pray the prayer that Jesus spoke of, why not do it in front of a mirror?  If you do, you may see the answer to your prayer.

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