Hide and Seek: A Moral Dilemma

9th Street Bridge

I stopped by the 9th street bridge yesterday morning about 5:45 and snapped the picture to the left.  When it comes to the relationship between light and darkness, this picture is worth a thousand words.

It has been said that darkness is the absence of light, and the power of these opposites on our moral choices has been the subject of much discussion.  Recent research  suggests that darkness creates a psychological feeling of secrecy that may lead to amoral behavior.  Whether it is closing the eyes during a game of hide and seek or wearing a pair of sunglasses,  the self-induced darkness can reduce our sense of morality.

Apparently the seclusion of darkness provides an incognito mentality that is expressed as, catch me if you can.  The more popular version is, what happens in Vegas stays in  Vegas.

This reminds me an of old Latin phrase: In absentia luci, tenebrae vinciunt.  Which means:  In the absence of light, darkness prevails.  I believe there is a connection between this statement and the Broken Window Theory.

This theory helps to explain some self-perpetuating problems.  Any part of  society that appears to be void of law and order can become  a  fertile seedbed in which the weeds of lawlessness grows.  As an example, a vacant building  that has a few broken windows that are not replaced will soon become a vacant building with many broken windows.  To keep this from happening, the small problems need to be addressed before they become big problems.

To accomplish this, we may benefit from the words of Paul who challenged people to cast off the darkness and to put on the armor of light (Romans 13).

Let me give you a thought to keep you thinking:  Could it be that darkness is not the absence of light, but it’s the absence of you?

One thought on “Hide and Seek: A Moral Dilemma

  1. Wow, great last line!
    I often challenge my staff that if we believe we really are “partakers of the divine glory” then that means when we walk into a room, we rearrange the furniture. And by that I mean that the Light that is in us through the Spirit brings light into the darkness. We are carriers of the Light of Christ and because we’re there, He is there.
    Another great challenge to start the day.


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