Ever Been Am-Bushed?

Have you ever been ambushed?  Not many of us have, and  I doubt this elephant was expecting to withdraw his trunk with a crocodile attached.

While most of us haven’t had anything close to this African experience, many of us have said:  I’m bushed.  There are those times when we are weary, worn-out, and at the end of our rope.  If this sounds like an all too familiar scenario, you may want to get ambushed.

To understand my terminology,  the terminal state of the Hebrew people needs to be considered.  During the Old Testament days of the Pharoah, the Jewish people were in bondage and in need of help.

Their help came in the form of a desert-dwelling, leather-skinned, sheep-herding soon to be deliverer by the name of Moses.  Because he wasn’t living the life to which God had called him, Moses was running on empty.  He was yearning for that elusive something that would change his life.

Then it happened, and it was anything but ordinary.  Moses saw a burning bush, heard a voice, and turned aside to wipe the sand out of his eyes.  Was he seeing a mirage?  Was he dizzy due to the searing heat of the desert?

It was no mirage–it was majesty.  The burning bush was a bush that didn’t burn.  It was ablaze, but it wasn’t consumed.  From out of the bush came the voice of God saying:

  • I’ve seen the affliction of my people .
  • I have heard their prayers.
  • I know their sorrows.
  • I’m going to deliver them.

Even more shocking to Moses was the news that he was to be the deliverer.  In need of confirmation, Moses asked, who shall I say sent me?  God replied, I AM THAT I AM.

Moses’ life changed on that day when he was Am-Bushed.  Moses thought he lacked  eloquence, but God knew he was a diamond in the rough.  Moses was empty, so God filled him.  His life was meaningless, so God gave him purpose.

This divine declaration from the desert reminds me that, There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle ( Albert Einstein).

The good news is God has a miracle for you.  Why not let Him Am-Bush you today?

I hope this thought keeps you thinking.

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