Towards the end of each year, a list is published that announces new words that have been added to our vocabulary. According to the Global Language Monitor, Tebowing is now an officially recognized word.

Tebowing is defined as the act of taking a knee in prayer during an athletic contest.   Whenever Tebow experiences success on the football field, this quarterback drops to a knee and gives thanks to God.
As the Denver Broncos field general, Tim Tebow has gained much notoriety. What our history starved citizens may not know is that he is not the first general to bend a knee to acknowledge God.
In the dead of night on December 25, 1776, George Washington led his rag tag army across the treacherous waters of the Delaware River. This surprise attack against the British allied forces at Trenton turned the tide of the Revolutionary War.  Washington’s prayer life is depicted in several historical paintings, and it is recorded in history.
On this Christmas Day, I encourage you to learn a lesson from a couple of well known generals:  Bend your knee and give thanks for the birth of Jesus  Christ.

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