How Good is God?

Experiencing_God's_GoodnessJust how good is God? The Psalmist wrote: “Taste and see that the Lord is good. How happy is the man who takes refuge in Him (34:8)!”

You answer the question of God’s goodness every time you take a sip of your favorite drink or a bite of your favorite food. God designed you with a need to eat, but He also blessed you with taste buds.

Without the thousands of taste buds on your tongue, eating would be boring and mundane. In His wisdom and goodness, God gifted you with the ability to distinguish between food that is sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. Without taste buds, food would just be yuck that you have to eat to live.

Richard Strauss has said: “Because God is Himself the highest and greatest good, He is also the source and fountain of all other good. He does good things. He extends His goodness to others. It is His nature to be kind, generous, and benevolent, to demonstrate good will toward men, and to take great pleasure in making them happy. Because God is good, He wants us to have what we need for our happiness and He sees that it is available to us. Every good thing we now enjoy or ever hope to enjoy flows from Him, and no good thing has ever existed or ever will exist that does not come from His good hand.”

I hope you pause today to find the goodness of God in the small things of your life, and here’s a kid’s song to get you started: God is so good.